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Re: Segmentation Fault - Help desired

On Wednesday 03 April 2002 23:29, Anthony Brock wrote:
> I am having some problems I could REALLY use some help with. This has been
> the same problem for over a month, and any advise or even a response would
> be GREATLY appreciated!
> I have compiled the HEAD branch of OpenLDAP (CVS version 2002-04-03) with
> BerkeleyDB 4, OpenSSL, MIT Kerberos 5-1.2.4, and Cyrus SASL 1.5.27. I tried
> to use SASL 2.1.2, but it errored when calling the sasl_server_new().

There are problems in the SASL code in 2.1.0alpha1 that also appear to be 
present in the CVS HEAD. I've opened bug reports on the ones that I've found, 
but to summarise

1) dnNormalize2 assert()s when called from within the slapd parse routine due 
to the incorrect initialization of the berval's length
2) There's an off by one initialization error in sasl_get_dn which causes a 
malloc'd buffer to be overrun by one character when performing SASL 
authentication. (bug # 1714)

Since fixing these two our server has run (touch wood) fine with GSSAPI 
authentication. However, your core dump doesn't really provide that much 
information to trace the problem further. Try rebuilding slapd with -g in the 
CFLAGS, and running an unstripped executable 


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