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Re: OpenLDAP API -- ldap_unbind SIGPIPE


Thanks for the follow-up.

I think this is a bug. The ldap_unbind code should check that the socket is still writeable before trying to write to it ( maybe using fstat(2) ??)


Igor Brezac wrote:

I figured it out.  The os is raising SIGPIPE (write() to a broken socket)
and by default it terminates the program.  I just needed to ignore the
signal or write a special handler for it.  Thanks for you help...


On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Igor Brezac wrote:

I do not have gdb, but adb is available.  I do not get core dump in this
example.  The following is the output:

# ./a.out
ldap_search_st() error Can't contact LDAP server
Broken Pipe

I do not expect "Broken Pipe".  I traced it to ldap_send_unbind()
call in libldap.so.

I added
debug = 0x00028;
ldap_set_option(NULL, LDAP_OPT_DEBUG_LEVEL, &(debug));
after ldap_initialize() call and I get the following output.

# ./a.out
request 1 done
ber_get_next failed.
LDAP: Can't contact LDAP server
Broken Pipe

I hope that this will help.


On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Kervin Pierre wrote:

Do you have gdb installed? How about a full backtrace on the core file.

Igor Brezac wrote:


I tried to send this message to openldap-software, but I did not have
much luck there.  So, maybe some of you guys may be able to help me.

I use Solaris 8 and openldap 2.0.23.  The following short program crashes
on the ldap_unbind() call.  I tried various different versions of this
program without success.  Am I doing something wrong here?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


#include        <sys/types.h>
#include        <stdlib.h>

#include        <lber.h>
#include        <ldap.h>

int main() {

       int rc;
       LDAP   *ldi;
       struct timeval tv;
       LDAPMessage *res = NULL;
       LDAPMessage *msg = NULL;
       char *dn;
       char *server = "ldap://";;
       char *base_dn = "o=pb";
       char *filter = "uid=igor";
       char *attrs[] = {"dn",NULL};

rc = ldap_initialize(&ldi, server); if (rc != LDAP_SUCCESS) { exit (2); }

       rc = ldap_simple_bind_s(ldi, "", "");
       if (rc != LDAP_SUCCESS) {
               exit (2);

//  If the ldap server is no longer available at this point

       tv.tv_sec = 5;
       tv.tv_usec = 0;
       rc = ldap_search_st(ldi, base_dn, LDAP_SCOPE_SUBTREE, filter,
                       (char **) attrs, 0, &tv, &res);

       if (rc != LDAP_SUCCESS) {
               ldap_get_option(ldi, LDAP_OPT_ERROR_NUMBER, &rc);
               printf("ldap_search_st() error %s\n", ldap_err2string(rc));

// ldap_unbind will cause a dump here


       msg = ldap_first_entry(ldi, res);
       dn = ldap_get_dn(ldi, msg);
       printf("DN: %s\n", dn);

       exit (1);

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