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Re: Subentry woes

At 12:54 AM 2002-04-01, Ganesan R wrote:

>Some time back, I was working on storing replica information in LDAP as
>subentries. I had put the project on the back burner because of other
>commitments but have started on it again. I was using ldbm as the backend
>earlier but switched to bdb now. 
>I assume BDB support for subentries is incomplete; I notice that 
>BDB_SUBENTRIES is not defined any where in the code.


>I am willing to live
>with some experimental code, so I enabled it. I immediately ran into some
>minor trouble. The following patch fixes the problem

It might be a bit before I have time to look at this particular
problem, I'm focusing on other things at the moment.   Suggest
you submit an ITS.

>Now for my actual problem; I have defined a replicaSubEntry-2 object class
>that has subentry as it's super class. When I try to add the entry slapd
>complains about missing attribute "subtreespecification". However, when I
>try to define an empty attribute for it (which should implicitly define the
>scope to the current context) I get an error. When I try to give an explicit
>context, I get an error saying that the attribute should be binary. What am
>I doing wrong?

Well, for now, you could use ;binary (which will treat the
value as an opaque encoding).   The GSER-based
string syntax should be implemented.