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possible small bug in acl.c

First of all, let me say thanks for all the work that has been
put in get openldap to this level.

I'm posting this to the developers list as I need help interpreting the
intentions of the coders as expressed in servers/slapd/acl.c.

Depending on whether or not I understand the acl_mask code correctly, there
may be a bug/typo in the peername ACL code.

specifically in 2.0.18/servers/slapd/acl.c
(some whitespace removed/line numbers added)

522 if ( b->a_peername_pat != NULL ) {
523         Debug( LDAP_DEBUG_ACL, "<= check a_peername_path: %s\n",
524                 b->a_peername_pat, 0, 0 );
526         if ( strcmp( b->a_peername_pat, "*" ) != 0) {
527                 if ( b->a_peername_style == ACL_STYLE_REGEX) {
528                         if (!regex_matches( b->a_peername_pat, conn->c_peer_name,
529                                         e->e_ndn, matches ) ) 
530                         {
531                                 continue;
532                         }
533                 } else {
534                         if ( strcasecmp( b->a_peername_pat, conn->c_peer_name ) == 0 )
535                                 continue;
536                 }
537         }
538 }

I believe that the "continue" control statement is called on ACL match
**failure**, but the strcasecmp comparison (corresponding to a peername.exact)
on line 534 goes to "continue" when there **is** a match (strcasecmp==0)
between the <who> clause and the peername. This same form occurs in a few
other places as well (line 498,516,552).

Either this is a typo/bug or I'm not interpreting this code properly. In any
case, it appears to do the wrong thing as I always get an apparent peername match on
the first peername when its a non-match. 

I'm just asking if this is intentional logic or a typo?

As a final note, I find it rather unexpected that conn->c_peer_name appears be
of the form "IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:yyy" rather than just "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx".
Ideally this would be documented in the OpenLDAP administrators guide either
as an example or as an explicit requirement.

I'm ignoring the ACL_REGEX forms because my regex engine seems to be a bit
slow (FreeBSD), which is why I've noticed these effects.

Mark Blackman
Senior Systems Administrator		Tel: +44 (0)870 887 8896
Netscalibur UK Limited			Fax: +44 (0)870 887 8868