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make problem with dynamic module


  I am using the latest copy of openldap from the repository
on sun solaris 2.7. I am testing the dynamic module part of
the server code. 

  I am having problem compiling. 

  If I use the configure options from 

  -enable-dynamic --enable-modules --disable-slurpd
  --enable-passwd --with-passwd-module=dynamic 
  --enable-shell --with-shell-module=dynamic 
  --enable-ldbm --with-ldbm-module=dynamic

  the make dies in servers/slapd
with message like this,

>>ar: archive, ../back-*/*.a, not found
>>mv: cannot access *.o
>>ar: cannot open *.o
>>        No such file or directory
>>ar: *.o not found
>>a - *.o
>>added backend library back-*/*.a
>>mv: cannot access tmp/libbackends.a

  with make -n, 

>>rm -f -r tmp
>>mkdir -p tmp
>>for i in back-*/*.a; do \
>>        ( \
>>          cd tmp; \
>>          ar x ../$i; \
>>          pre=`echo $i | sed -e 's/\/.*$//' -e 's/back-//'`; \
>>          for j in *.o; do \
>>                mv $j ${pre}$j; \
>>          done; \
>>          ar ruv libbackends.a *.o 2>&1 | grep -v truncated; \
>>          rm -f *.o __.SYMDEF  ________64ELEL_ ; \
>>          echo "added backend library $i"; \
>>        ); \
>>mv -f tmp/libbackends.a ./libbackends.a
>>rm -f -r tmp
>>if test ! -z "ranlib" ; then \
>>        ranlib libbackends.a; \

  If all the enabled backends are made for dynamic, then there
won't be any back-*/*.a, just back-*/*.la. 

  Maybe the make should check for the existance before trying to 
generate libbackends.a ??