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RE: sync patch 1.2.11

Randy, Here is the patch, it is based on the 2.0.7 release. I am going on = vacation today for two weeks so unfortunately cannot check for compatibility with = the CVS branch. Here is a summary of what the patch = contains: 1) Your sync patch adapted = for 2.0.7. - = Missing the active threads feature (but some commented out code which might = suffice - see sync_daemon in daemon.c). - = Config option 'backendsyncfreq' which controls the sync freq in slapd.conf 2) Berkeley DB environment = support for individual backends. - = this allows dbcachesize to work correctly (at present it does not work for = "" DB) - = this also allows Berkeley DB transaction support to be added (I have done some = work on this but stripped it out for this patch) I have tested the patch with Linux RH 6.2, OpenLDAP 2.0.7 and Berkeley DB 3.2.9 = and I have not found any problems. Mark -----Original Message----- From: = randy@randallkunkee.com [mailto:randy@randallkunkee.com] Sent: Thursday, May 24, = 2001 10:34 PM To: markwhitehouse@home.com Subject: Re: sync = patch 1.2.11 Ideally, the patch should be against the = latest OpenLDAP head branch so we can get it into the CVS tree = permanently. Next best for 2.0 would be a patch against OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2, which = is the 2.0 development branch. If you do not have either of these = available, you could send the diff -u to me and I can most likely update it at = least to 2.0 ENG. Since we would like to get this in permanently, perhaps = the best approach would be to go ahead and post a message to the -devel = list and ask if anybody sees any reason not to commit it. Read http://www.openl= dap.org/devel/contributing.html. Do you have time to check out compatability with the head CVS = branch? If we can't commit it to CVS for whatever reason, then you can FTP up = their diff -u and submit an ITS to document its presence. I have = commit permissions and can do that if all goes well. Randy Mark Whitehouse wrote: Randy,I'm just about = ready to make a patch file. Can you describe the mechanism for creating a diff = file..I have two = directories openldap-2.0.7 and openldap-2.0.7-wpatch, do I cd to the original = and do diff -r -u . ../openldap-2.0.7-wpatch > = sync.patch Your diff -u command is correct (though perhaps the directories = should be flipped), ie. "diff -r -u old new". Also, what is the = usual procedure to submit the patch to the openldap software mailing list?Thanks,Mark -----Original Message----- From: randy@randallkunkee.com = [mailto:randy@randallkunkee.com] Sent: Wednesday, = May 23, 2001 12:55 PM To: markwhitehouse@home.com Subject: Re: sync patch 1.2.11 Mark Whitehouse wrote: No problem, I will copy you the patch = once I have finished it. I have almost finished the patch but had a question for = "" Your original patch waits until slapd is not busy by waiting = on an active threads mutex. This mutex is not available in 2.0.x. Do you know how I can achieve the same effect? If you don't know the answer I will probably submit the patch = without this feature as I am under some time pressure to get this = working. Thanks, Mark -----Original Message----- From: randy@randallkunkee.com = [mailto:randy@randallkunkee.com] Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 11:59 PM To: = markwhitehouse@home.com Subject: Re: sync patch 1.2.11 Mark Whitehouse wrote: > I am working on it now. Will submit a patch once I = am finished. > > Mark > > -----Original = Message----- > From: randy@randallkunkee.com [mailto:randy@randallkunkee.com] > Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 5:41 PM > To: markwhitehouse@home.com > Subject: Re: sync patch 1.2.11 > > Mark Whitehouse wrote: > > > Randy, > > > > Did you ever port your sync patch to 2.0.x? > > > > Thanks, > > Mark > > = Funny you should mention that. I've just been thinking about how = I need > it, but have a few distractions at the moment. = Were you thinking about > taking a crack at it? I thought = the new version ought to be more config > file driven than the = other stuff. > > Randy Wow. That's really great. Would you mind sending = me a copy of the patch when you have it? Looking = at the slapd_shutdown sequence in daemon.c, it looks like the call ldap_pvt_thread_pool_backload(&connection_pool), 0, 0 ) returns a count of active threads. I'm glad you = asked. This was one of the parts that stopped me a long time ago when 2.0 = came out. It's not critical, but it's a nice feature to have it = not try to sync while doing other stuff. Another patch I did to the server was a special shutdown signal = that would then call slapd with the same arguments it was called with, = which allowed the server to sync, exit, and then immediately = restart. But this one is more important.

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