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Re: National Language Support Library

Julius Enarusai wrote:

> IBM would like to contribute a library which can be used to add
> localization support to OpenLDAP. The library includes:
> 1. a set of routines used to construct XPG4 compliant catalogs from a
> text file.
> 2. a set of routines used to retrieve messages from the an XPG4
> compliant catalog file.
> 3. an initial Message Catalog for slapd, which can be expanded as more
> error codes/messages are added to slapd.
> If this library is accepted by the community and incorporated into
> OpenLDAP, it will provide the following benefits:
> 1. ability to log LDAP error and informational messages in the user's
> local language.
> 2. ability for LDAP client applications developers to customize LDAP
> error and informational messages.
> 3. ability for LDAP client applications developers to add their own
> error codes/messages and use a common interface to retrieve their
> messages.
> Therefore I am requesting feedback from the community to see if this
> library would be beneficial to OpenLDAP.

As an "international user" and developer I find it very interesting
and attractive.
However, I think I'd need to have an example of the impact this is
going to have on the server and on the library. Could you please
add some details?

Regards, Pierangelo.

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