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Re: Extending OpenLDAP

> Hi everyone, and sorry my english.
> I'm interested in implementing a custom backend. I look into mailing list
> archives and I read the recomendation
> of using existing backends as an example.
> Basically they implement an API. I want to know how stable and standarizable
> is that API for future releases of
> OpenLDAP. Will it change a lot in future releases?

Based on my experience, it may change only with major version changes
or in case of really significant issues.  The backend calls of UMich's
slapd remained nearly the same throughout most of the OpenLDAP 1.0 and 1.1
development; I think there were some slight changes when moving to 1.2.
Significant changes occurred with OpenLDAP 2.0.  Of course you shouldn't
heavily rely on the stability of the api, but you should not fear sudden
and frequent changes.  I bet efforts will be made to preserve what's there,
while something else might be added.  Of course you'd better ask
the Chief Architect :)