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Re: how to unsubscribe

As indicated in the headers of each and every list
message sent to you,


If your mailer doesn't support such URLs, simply send
a message to <openldap-devel-request@OpenLDAP.org> with
the body containing solely the word "unsubscribe".

If that fails for some reason, you should contact
<postmaster@openldap.org>.  Be sure to provide
sufficient detail so that they can assist you in
unsubscribing.  As the postmaster is a very busy
individual, don't expect rapid response.  


At 01:20 AM 5/19/01, Gaurav Singh Kushwaha wrote:
>Dear all,
>Dear all,
>      I am extremely sorry to be bothering you but can 
>anyone tell me how to unsubscribe from the list. I have 
>done what's directed on the homepage but my mails have 
>bounced. I would be glad if someone can tell me. 
>Once again apologies for sending this mail to whole 
>mailing list.