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Re: indexing technique

At 03:22 AM 5/18/01, sapana wrote:
>what is the search technique, indexing technique  used
>by openldap 1.2.9 with back LDBM ?
>is it using trees or linked list
>if tree then which one please answer

Depends... back-ldbm provides key/value interface to
an underlying database such as Berkeley DB or GDBM.
GDBM provides only hashes.  Berkeley DB supports
multiple underlying database types, OpenLDAP can
be configured to use either its b-trees or hashes.

The indexing system is home grown.  The best information
describing 1.x indexing system is provided by old U-Mich
documents: http://www.umich.edu/~dirsvcs/ldap/doc/ (see
papers at the bottom of this page... they are in PostScript
format).  2.x indexing system is a little different (mostly
in how keys are generated).