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Hello Kurt D. Zeilenga,

Friday, 18 May  2001, 01:12:37, you wrote:

KDZ> Is that what the "threads" slapd.conf directive for?
just my $0.02:

in slapd.conf you can find directive:

#Specify  the  number  of  seconds  to  wait  before forcibly  closing  an
#idle  client connections.  A idletimeout  of  0  disables  this  feature.
#The default is 0.
idletimeout    NN.

Change  of  this  directive on Sun Solaris 8 (LDAP 2.0.7, 2.0.8) has no any
effect. Connections LDAP are closed by Solaris, not LDAP.

If  /dev/tcp  tcp_time_wait_interval  is 240000 (default), many connections
remain  open.  If we shall reduce this value the amount of open connections
will decrease.

Friday, 18 May  2001,

Best regards from future,
Martin McFlySr, HillDale.