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Re: Embedding OpenLdap inside a desktop application

At 08:33 AM 5/8/01, Andre Paradis wrote:
>I would like to know if it's possible 
>to embed the open ldap engine inside a desktop 
>This application would not listen to any ports (389), 
>i would like to use the ldap engine as an internal 
>storage engine for the different kind of data i have.
>I'd like to access this engine using the ldap client sdk
>from inside my application.

LDAP is a protocol, so you need an acceptable I/O.
The SDK is primarily designed to operate over TCP, but
other I/O streams are possible.  In fact, slapd HEAD
server accesses itself using the client SDK through an
IPC connection.

>Is it feasible?

So, yes, it is feasible.

However, I would argue that such use of the software
doesn't make too much sense.  That is, LDAP is designed
to support multiple applications, not one.  If you only
have one application accessing the directory, you might
as well just use a database system specifically designed
to be embedded in standalone applications (such as Berkeley