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Re: Too many open files

Hi all,

I have installed the "sfio library" and i  would like to know how compil Openldap with this library

Thanks in advance


At 26 Feb 2001 11:41:01 +0100 , "Markus Storm" <Markus.Storm@mediaWays.net> wrote:

>Usually this is not the problem of the application but that of the underlying
>operating system. You need to configure more available filedescriptors per
>process. See e.g. http://www.squid-cache.org/Doc/FAQ/FAQ-11.html#ss11.4 for
>how to accomplish that.
>You can also try to reduce the number of fds needed by lowering the
>idletimeout setting in slapd.conf.

Does OpenLDAP use stdio.h for file ops? If so, you might see the
problem ameliorated, and performance enhanced, by compiling with
the AT&T "sfio" library instead: http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/sfio/

...though getting that message 587000 times in under 7 minutes makes
me wonder what's going on...


>Benoit.Le_Bras@alcatel.fr wrote:
>>  Hi All,
>> I have this problem in my log file:
>> Feb 18 02:47:55 sunums last message repeated 593566 times
>> Feb 18 02:47:55 sunums slapd[5345]: daemon: accept(7) failed errno=24 (Too many open files)
>> Feb 18 02:54:35 sunums last message repeated 587880 times

>> Is there a patch for resolve this problem
>> I use a BerkeleyDB database and openldap 2.0.4
>> Any information would be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Benoit