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Re: IIS Authentication over LDAP


about a month ago I finished a authfilter against LDAP for IIS. Its more 
a first step than something else. I have done some preliminary tests and 
it seems to work, but more intensive testing is needed. If you want to 
try it, you are welcome, drop me a mail. It is based en the authfilter 
example to be found in the Option Pack.


-Uses Netscape's ldapsdk 411
-Only works over ssl
-very rudimentary configuration file
-Does not implement a filter yet
-No cache, the cache of the example has been removed
-It only autheticates users no authorization.

That's it.

Salvador Salanova Fortmann

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El 2/19/01, 7:15:04 PM, Tim Tassonis <timtas@dplanet.ch> escribió sobre el 
tema IIS Authentication over LDAP:

> Hi Everybody

> Does anybody know of an "ISAPI AuthFilter", i.e. an implementaion of an
> LDAP authorization for use in Microsofts IIS? I only found several LDAP
> authorization modules for Apache and while I personally favour this 
> my customer unfortunately doesn't...

> Bye
> Tim