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Re: passwd backend and RFC 2307

At 11:39 PM 12/25/00 -0300, Nicolás Lichtmaier wrote:
> Why doesn't the passwd backend do as rfc 2307 says things should be?

RFC 2307 doesn't say how things "should be".  It's informational
and should be viewed as "one way to do things".  There are obviously
many ways one can represent users/accounts in a directory.

>Is there any reason?

back-passwd pre-dates RFC 2307.

>Is this passwd backend a demo/sample code that nobody uses?

It is meant as a demo/sample backend which is meant to be adapted
as needed.

> I've started to modify it.

as intended.

>I'd like to use it to export an /etc/passwd to a
>lot of computers, without switching to a ldbm database.

You should be able to easily adapt back-password for this use.

> Any information you can give will be useful, as I'm new with the code (and
>with LDAP =) ).

The list archives can be quite useful.