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Hello everyone.

First i'm gonna explain what i'm doing. I'm working in a small java
application; it gets some parameters from the command line and has to
build 5 LDAP entries. Those 5 entries are somehow related, i.e., there
must be an "Account" object before adding a "Modem" object, a "Modem"
object before adding a "Subscriber" object, etc.

So if one of them fails to be added, the Directory Server must be left
just like it was before the execution of the application. That is the
working of a transaction, although there is no commit() or rollback() in

And here's my problem. I think i'm gonna add one by one the entries, and
if there is some exception i will delete the previous ones. It isn´t a
very good way, because what if the fifth fails? 4 entries must be

I don´t know if there is other way to handle a transaction mechanism
working in LDAP.
Please, could anyone tell me a better solution? That would be very nice!

Thank you very much,


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