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Problem with replication

Hello everybody,

With respect to replication I've the following question and/or remark.

This is the situation I'm dealing with. I've two LDAP servers that need
to replicate to each other. This is because each LDAP server can receive
addition, modifications and/or deletions. For that I've compliled
OpenLDAP 2.0.6 with SLAPD_MULTIMASTER defines. First question: Is that

It compiled perfectly, but found the following strange behaviour. When I
add an entry to a server, with a binddn which is the same as the
updatedn of that server, the entry was not added to the LDAP server.
This is not correct behaviour, because the entry must be added to the
LDAP server, but should not be replicated back to the originating

In my humble opinion, the addition of the entry must take place
regardless the origin (binddn) of the entry, but it should only be
replicated when the binddn of the LDAP add operation is different from
the updatedn defined in slapd.conf. 

Does someone has a different opinion. Please let me now.


Edwin Roos.