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Re: help about aci]

The aci syntax OpenLDAP currently uses is not like that described in the latest IETF draft, although it started out that way. Here is a basic example of what is currently implemented:;r,w;theAttr#access-id#cn=phoenix,ou=admin,o=sonera,c=fi

Check out servers/slapd/acl.c (search for "oid#") for a more generic template. The attribute type that has been defined for this is OpenLDAPaci, so your ldif file should have:

    dn: cn=+358408308432,ou=pcm,o=sonera,c=fi
    add: OpenLDAPaci

Hope that helps,


I would like to use aci access control method. I know is experimental
and undocumented yet.
I use OpenLDAP 2.0.6 with aci feature enabled. Which type of attribe
should I use? What ietf draft should I follow for the proper syntax?

from slapd -d 65535:
line 79 (access to *  by self write by aci=OpenLDAPaci write by
dn.exact="cn=admin,ou=admin,o=sonera,c=fi" write by * read)
Backend ACL: access to *
         by self write (=wrscx)
         by aci=OpenLDAPaci write (=wrscx)
         by dn.base=CN=ADMIN,OU=ADMIN,O=SONERA,C=FI write (=wrscx)
         by * read (=rscx)

OpenLDAPaci is defined in core.schema

I trid to use this way(ldif):

dn: cn=+358408308432,ou=pcm,o=sonera,c=fi
add: OpenLDAPaci

ldap_add: Undefined attribute type
         additional info: attribute type undefined

Do you the solution of this problem?

regards: Szelei Gabor