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String conversion routines in LDAP SDK

We've had requests for routines in the LDAP SDK to convert between Multibyte, Unicode, and UTF-8 strings. Our developers would like a cross-platform way of doing this. 

Would OpenLDAP be open to the idea of adding such functionality?   We could supply the coding and documentation for these changes. 

Briefly, ANSI C has the routines: 
mbtowc - Convert a Multibyte character to a Wide character 
wctomb - Convert a Wide characters to a Multibyte character 
mbstowcs - Convert a Multibyte string to a Wide char string 
wcstombs - Convert a Wide char string to a Multibyte string 

We would add routines following the same pattern for Wide-to-UTF8, and Multibyte-to-UTF8. By using the ANSI routines in the implementation of Multibyte-to-UTF8, the code will be easily portable. 

We would also like to expose the UTF8 utility functions ldap_utf8_next, ldap_utf8_prev, etc, although perhaps with a different prefix than "ldap_". 

Attached is a detailed proposal.


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