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Backup of the LDAP Database .. again !

I looked in the archives for information related to the backup of the
database.  It seems to me that the  best on-line backup solution
available is to deploy a replicated slave - backup is performed by
stopping the slave and running ldbmcat ....

Okay, this works but I am a little concerned about the impact of running
two servers.  I recognise that LDAP is tailored towards reads as opposed
to updates.  My application does have more reads but  there are a
sizeable amount of updates aswell.  I am worried that the slave will
steal too much of my resoures.  As of now, I do not have the luxury of
deploying the slave one a separate box.

Is this still the best solution ?

Can slapd be temporarily put into 'read mode' (online) allowing me to
perform a backup using ldbmcat  ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.