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Re: Help with internal processing of add

At 06:41 AM 10/15/00 +0200, Shaun Savage wrote:
>I am trying to add pgp key support to openldap-2.0.0.  
>when a key is added a virtual request is sent 
>dn: pgpcertid=virtualkey,ou=XXXX,o=XXXX
>pgpkey: -------PGP.............

See archives for previous discussions regarding implement
a PGP keyserver using OpenLDAP.

>How do you make two request form one?

You cannot.  A client makes a request, the front end parses
it and hands it to at most one backend end.  For the add
request (and most other requests), the backend must process
the request and returns a result to the client.  If you
were to enter the backend multiple times, multiple results
would be sent to the client.  This would be bad.