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Re: Darwin (netbsd)

>is there anyone, who is working on a port to darwin (underlying OS for MacOS
>X which is open source and based on netbsd) ?

Well, it's a mish-mash of NEXTSTEP, NetBSD, and FreeBSD, but...

>If not, what is the best way to start such an effort? What requirements are

Should just work with OpenLDAP 2.x, the only proviso being that if
you wish to build shared libraries you'll need to compile with

Here's the top level makefile that I use to build OpenLDAP under
MacOS X (this sits in a directory _above_ the OpenLDAP

--------- CUT HERE ---------
# Makefile for OpenLDAP
# Luke Howard, lukeh@darwin.apple.com

RC_JASPER             = YES
DEBUG                 = YES

# Project info
Project               = ldap
ProjectName           = OpenLDAP
UserType              = Administrator
ToolType              = Services
GnuNoBuild            = YES

Extra_LD_Flags        = 
Extra_CC_Flags        = -fno-common
Extra_Configure_Flags = --enable-shared

Extra_Install_Flags   =	sysconfdir="$(DSTROOT)$(ETCDIR)/openldap" \
			localstatedir="$(DSTROOT)$(VARDIR)" \

Extra_Configure_Flags += --localstatedir=$(VARDIR) --sysconfdir=$(ETCDIR)

# It's a GNU Source project
include $(MAKEFILEPATH)/CoreOS/ReleaseControl/GNUSource.make

Install_Target = install

build:: configure
	@echo "Building $(Project)..."
	$(_v) $(MAKE) -C $(BuildDirectory)

--------- CUT HERE ---------

-- Luke

Luke Howard | Darwin Developer | PADL Software Pty Ltd
www.padl.com | lukeh@darwin.apple.com | lukeh@padl.com