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Hi all,

To anyone who is interested in CORBA you may want to know what I've been
spending my summer doing.  I was given the task of somehow to make an LDAP
to PIDS gateway.  The University of Michigan Hospital (where I work) holds
its patient's records on Oracle databases which are easily access through
a PIDS service (Personal Identification Service).  PIDS is made through
CORBA.  Since everyone has an LDAP client and no one has a PIDS client
they thought that this would be a good idea.  I was working on the LDAP
half of the project and a collegue was working on the CORBA portion.

Basically our plan was to sidestep the database completely in the SLAPD
server.  The LDAP server would answer client calls, transform the Filter
into something that PIDS could read, send it to a PIDS client which
connected to a PIDS server, which gets the data and translates the results
into LDIF which SLAPD uses to send to str2entry to send back to the
client.  I basically wrote a new backend search function, and kept the
other LDBM backend functions (modify, bind, etc...).  We recently were
able to complete this and get it to almost work.

It does work, but only with a limited search capability.  We have not
implemented logic yet so you can only search for one thing such as
sn=Waligora.  We hope to continue working to implement all of the LDAP
functionality into it (at least search functionality).

If you're interested in hearing more, just ask.

			Philip Alexander Waligora
				Web Chair
		Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity
		   	   Theta Gamma Chapter