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Re: OpenLDAP 2.0-alpha2

At 08:43 25/08/99 -0700, you wrote:
>At 04:48 PM 8/25/99 +0200, Frédéric Poels wrote:
>>At 07:29 25/08/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>>Sound a lot like our concurrency test.  Does our concurrency test
>>I've not been able to run "make test" (yet) with openLDAP 2.0.
>I would think it wise to have a working distribution test suite
>before attempting your own tests.

I think your test battery and mine cover about the same aspects. Mine are
maybe a bit meaner though ;o)
Anyway your tests run OK.
Which slapd-*.conf do I have to change to affect concurrency tests?
Providing it's slapd-master.conf, the tests still run ok with "cachesize
100" and "dbcachesize 200". But remember my tests ran ok the first time
too. It's the second pass that fails (when clients unbind, re-bind and
search again).

I know 100 and 200 are not very realistic value, it did this just to ensure
1000 and 100000 would not lead to unpredictable results if the database
becomes huge or if many clients connect in parallel or in any situation
that might provoke a resource leakage.

>>But I did
>>with OpenLDAP 1.3.6 and it worked.

Yup sorry. Perl addict? Don't forget '.' should be escaped:
s/1\.3\.6/1\.3\.6/g; ;o)

>1.x doesn't include the concurrency test, though you can easily
>run it against 1.2.6.  (just change defines.sh in your devel
>code to start the 1.2.6 server instead).
>>I guess these tests use default values
>>for cachesize (1000) and dbcachesize (100000). With these values, my tests
>>work also.
>Lower the setting in the test suite and see if the tests fail.