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reading invalid stack

Hi all,

I'm using OpenLDAP 1.2.6.  I have noticed a memory leak, and I am trying
to track down the problem.  I did comment out the lastmod code from
back-ldbm/modify.c.  In trying to find the problem, I used the tool third
with atom (on DEC Unix).  It found this invalid stack reading:

--------------------------------------------- pid 3271 -- ris -- 0 --
reading invalid stack at byte 1184 of 1184 in frame of ldbm_cache_open
    ldbm_cache_open                slapd
    dn2id                          slapd
    pc = 0x1200bf124               slapd
    dn2entry_r                     slapd
    ldbm_back_bind                 slapd
    do_bind                        slapd
    pc = 0x12007eddc               slapd

I'm not sure if this is a known problem or not.  I searched ITS, but I
didn't find anything.  Shouldn't this make the program fail?  Does anyone
else have experience w/ atom and third?

I hope someone can make some use from this.  Let me know if you need more