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Re: Distinguished name ++ (continued)

Frédéric Poels writes:
> I'm really amazed by this behaviour. In my opinion, 'Hel\lo' (note that I'm
> using single quotes and not double quotes) is not the same as 'Hello'.
> 'Hel\lo' is 6 characters long while 'hello' is 5 characters long.

rfc1779 says hel\lo is a syntax error.

> I'm working with 3 different directory servers and openLDAP 2.0-alpha
> is the first one to show this behaviour.

Yes, LDAP implementations tend to be sloppy about many details.

> And no, I'm not able to store it using one syntax and search it using the
> other one.

Right.  Common bug.

> If I have to use 'foo\+\+\+' to store 'foo+++', what will I have to use to
> store 'foo\+\+\+'?

If you mean in a DN, 'foo\\\+\\\+\\\+' or '"foo\\+\\+\\+"'.  Or
'foo\5c\2b\5c\2b\5c\2b' in LDAPv3.  Sorry, but with string encodings of
structured data, one just has to live with that kind of thing.  A good
client will parse the thing and show a nicer version to the user,