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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd filterentry.c

kurt@OpenLDAP.org writes:
> Rename filter entry's  strcpy_special() to strcpy_regex() to better
> reflect its purpose.  Modify switch to support REG_EXTENDED expressions.
> Use REG_EXTENDED instead of REG_BASIC everywhere.

Why?  In libldap/getfilter (and maybe slapd/acl*.c), yes.  But
filterentry only needs "^.*$", so it seems simpler and probably faster
to use basic regexps and remove '+' and ']'.  (Apparently ']' is not a
special character in POSIX regexps, it's just something with '['
recognizes.  And the behaviour is undefined if an ordinary characer is

> Modify <ac/regex.h> to support <gnuregex.h> for testing purposes.
> Requires: env CPPFLAGS="-DHAVE_GNUREGEX_H=1" LIBS=-lgnuregex ./configure

I hadn't heard of gnuregex.h, but another is the newer GNU "rx":
	#include <rxposix.h>
	cc ... -lrx