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HEADS UP: Index format/tool changes

I have committed a large set of index format and tool changes to -devel.
Use of most recent -devel with prior tools and databases will likely
result in data corruption and bad results.  You MUST export (using ldbmcat -n)
and import (using slapadd) to transition to the latest codes.

First, new tools:
	slapadd	- imports new entries into slapd(8) database
		(new entries are APPENDED to database)
	slapcat - exports entries from slapd database
	slapindex - regenerate index
These tools currently support both LDBM and BDB2 databases and
can be extended to support other database backends.

Second, new index formats:
	id2entry - no longer contains ID in value
	dn2id - now contains BASE, ONE, SUB indices
	id2children - axed
	nextid index added

In addition, the "dn" index is no longer generated automatically.

Lastly, as the changes are quite involved they are likely to contain
an odd bug or two.  Use with extreme care.