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Re: Connection->c_protocol, vlv, server-side sorting.

At 08:31 AM 8/13/99 -0700, C. R. Oldham wrote:
>> This, of course, is a problematic assumption.  Many LDAPv2+ clients
>> send non-bind operations as their first request.
>Doesn't that violate RFC 1777?

LDAPv2+ clients implement RFC 1777 as amended by U-Mich
developers (and documented via a number of papers).  The enhancements
are designed to allow LDAPv2 and LDAPv2+ implementations to

The problem is that RFC 2251 ignores the existence of LDAPv2+
implementations and in doing so creates some interoperability
problems between LDAPv2+ and LDAPv3 implementations.  The largest
problem is that a LDAPv3 server may send back search references
that will cause an LDAPv2+ client will likely consider a protocol
error (and will likely ignore further results).  I have found
no decent workaround that will allow us to continue supporting (in
environments where search references might be returned) LDAPv2+
clients which do not bind.

As such, the migration path from OpenLDAP 1.x (or Umich 3.3) to
OpenLDAP 2.x may require wholesale upgrade of dependent applications.