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Re: The Big Step

At 09:47 AM 8/13/99 -0400, Louis Simon wrote: 
>- Where could I find a complete guide/manual on the LDAP protocol?

RFC1777 (LDAPv2) and RFC2251 (LDAPv3) are the core protocol
specifications.  Copies of these, and other relevent RFCs, can
be found in the doc/rfc directory.

>- Is there some kind of programmer's manual for the SLAPD Server?

You might review at the old U-Mich guide... but do not that OpenLDAP
has is different in many regards.  In particular our build environment
is completely different and the backend interface has been enhanced.
But this will give you some backgound that might be useful.


Other U-Mich docs are also available and may have some limited
usefulness when applied to OpenLDAP.

> Feel free to add other ideas or comment.

Instead of writing a replacement backend, you might just develop
use LDBM and just glue it to another DBM.  You would only need
to modify -lldbm.