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Connection->c_protocol, vlv, server-side sorting.


I've been hacking at the -devel source trying to learn enough to
implement the server site sorting and vlv list view controls.  One thing
I noticed, is that Connection->c_protocol does not get set if the client
does not bind.  In turn this causes Operation->o_protocol to not be set
and the server to bail out if a v3 client tries to get the list of
supported controls.  RFC 2251 states that the server should assume
version 3 if the client does not bind first, so I changed connection.c
to add

    c->c_protocol = LDAP_VERSION3;

after the

    c->c_activitytime = slap_get_time();

call (about line 267).  This seems to be a good place to put it.  Am I
even close?

Any words of wisdom on implementing these controls from those familiar
with the source?


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