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Re: NEXTID (again!)

Randy Kunkee writes:
> If I simply run ldif2id2entry, NEXTID gets set correctly.  But I just
> ran an ldif2ldbm -j 10 last night, and NEXTID ended up containing "1".
> If ldif2id2entry is not doing this, what is?

Which OpenLDAP version and ldif2ldbm.c revision?  Do you use gdbm or db
(see LDBM_LIBS in config.status)?  back-ldbm or back-bdb2?

I believe I fixed that in -devel for back-ldbm some time ago (with
variable ldbm_ignore_nextid_file), and someone fixed it in another way
(by introducing SLAP_TOOLID_MODE) in back-bdb2.  So...?