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Re: backend modules

On Mon, Aug 09, 1999 at 04:49:00AM -0700, Howard Chu wrote:
> I already went down this route. I did all the steps you outlined, but
> there's more to it than you think, and it got ugly very quickly. Also,
> we already decided that it's better not to include the ltdl source in
> the OpenLDAP tree. The configuration that I finally checked in is much
> cleaner.

I set this up for another source tree and ran into no problems and it was
actually much cleaner than trying to do it without the built in support.
Can you outline the problems you encountered?

I saw that Kurt said he didn't want to install third party software, but
if libltdl is included (and used) with the source, it isn't installed at
all, it's statically linked into the binary. I think this is much more
convenient for it to be included with the source tree so that the user
doesn't have to go searching for the proper software, else we get into the
same situation as glib would give us.

If you want I can take a look into this a little further.