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Re: backend modules

Howard Chu wrote:
> OK. I've tested out static and dynamic builds for all of the backends except
> bdb2. The install rules now use $libexecdir/$ldap_subdir for installing the
> dynamic backends. I originally set up the build with libltdl copied into the
> OpenLDAP source tree, but that was a real pain to get configured properly.
> Now I just rely on libltdl already being installed on default search paths.

I believe this is a wise choice.  I rather avoid installing non-OpenLDAP
packages whenever possible.  I rather we just use what's provided (hopefully
after testing that it is usable).

> It seems this is OK since we already require libtool 1.3.3 to be installed
> on the build system.

Actually, we don't.  We provided the necessary bits (ltmain.sh, ltconfig)
with OpenLDAP.  We will not just require libltdl from libtool 1.3.3 (instead
of gmodule from glib) to be installed to get module support.