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Re: new backend

At 01:38 PM 8/2/99 -0400, Philip Waligora wrote:
>I'm currently writing a backend for OpenLDAP.  It's basically an
>extension of the LDBM backend so that I can use it for my current
>project at work.  I was looking at the str2entry function in the SLAPD
>Administration guide and was wondering something about that.  Once you
>keep making Entry objects do you need to worry about freeing up that
>memory or is that taken care of by other parts of the code?

The caller of str2entry is responsible for ensuring that entry_free()
is called as needed to free the dynamically allocated resources.
Some backends (ldbm,bdb2) implement caching.  In such cases, the
caller relies on backend cache to call entry_free() when appropriate.