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reading invalid stack in dbcache

Hello all,

I am using atom and third (DEC Unix) to debug changes I've made to
OpenLDAP 1.2.3.  While this error is independent of my changes, I thought
it might be interesting to someone.  My debuging tools output this after
one search is performed.  The search is performed successfully.  After my
problems, I might look into this (if it hasn't already been identified).
I hope this is useful to someone.

dbcache.c: 123: reading invalid stack at byte 1184 of 1184 in frame of
    ldbm_cache_open                slapd, dbcache.c, line 123
    dn2id                          slapd, dn2id.c, line 84
    dn2entry                       slapd, dn2id.c, line 174
    dn2entry_r                     slapd, dn2id.c, line 220
    ldbm_back_bind                 slapd, bind.c, line 196
    do_bind                        slapd, bind.c, line 201
    connection_operation           slapd, connection.c, line 40