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Re: continued support for LDAPD (X.500-LDAP Gateway)

David J N Begley writes:
>On Sat, 31 Jul 1999, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> Unless someone is willing to put some time into ldapd, I
>> believe it wise to one or both of the following:
>> 	1) not include in further releases, and

I agree, assuming openldap version 1 will live on for a while yet (to
get serious bug fixes).  Just leave an openldap-2/servers/ldapd/README
which refers to openldap-1.

Even if someone wants to resurrect it and insert LDAPv3 support, it
might be easier to write an X.500 backend to slapd.

> Given that it relies on Quipu (doesn't it?)

No, it relies on some #includes and data structures that originated in
quipu, but live on in ISODE (now MessagingDirect) and several other
X.500 implementations.