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At 04:40 PM 5/27/99 -0700, Howard Chu wrote:
>ldapsearch has an option "-P" for selecting protocol version 2 or 3.
>The version is set using ldap_set_option. However, it turns out that it always
>performs a version 2 bind. This is because ldap.h has LDAP_VERSION_MAX
>defined to LDAP_VERSION2, so ldap_set_option ignores any request to select
>version 3. I presume that LDAP_VERSION_MAX is set this way because we don't
>have a full implementation of the v3 api yet. Either that, and the -P option
>ought to be removed from ldapsearch temporarily, or ldap.h needs a tweak.

The client tools are LDAPv3 "ready"... the library isn't.

The client tools should really check the results of
ldap_set_option() calls and issue appropriate warnings (and
errors).  Ie:

	% ldapsearch -P 3 -L uid=kurt uid
	warning: could not set protocol to 3
	dn: uid=kurt, dc=openldap, dc=org
	uid: kurt

I think such is fine until LDAP_VERSION_MAX is bumped...
(which will occur once handling of LDAPv3 responses has
been committed).