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Re: running out of descriptors


On Mon, 24 May 1999, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> A number of folks have complained about slapd current session
> close policy causes the server to run out of file descriptors.
> Currently, we only close a session upon unbind request or
> error  An inactive stream is not closed.
> There are a number of reasonable approaches to resolving
> this issue.
> One approach is to implement an inactivity time and close
> connections if and when the timer expires.  A patch (ITS#169)
> a long these lines has already submitted.

I applied the patch (from Philipp Klaus) and rebuilt.  It is working
wonderfully.  My server was hovering around 140 or so of 200 connections,
some inactive for weeks.  Now, using the default of 5 minutes, it's not
been higher than 5.  Even if the remote client (usually a PC running and
outdated version of Outlook98) was powered off, the connections remained.
> Another approach would be enable TCP "keep-alives".
> Multiple approaches could be developed (and committed).
> Comments on these and other approaches.

I think the idea of the keepalives is probably a lot simpler to implement
(one line change in servers/daemon.c, and a couple other in the

Not that I wouldn't mind seeing both.  Sometimes fixing the client (such
as this case), isn't the easiest thing to do.  Having a connection open
for a week, I just don't see being a realistic situation.

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