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Re: ld->ld_matched ?

Howard Chu wrote:
> RFC 1823 specifies the ld_matched field in the LDAP connection handle, and
> ldap_result2error() parses this field from a result message. But nowhere in
> the API is there any function or option for retrieving this field. The only
> way a user would normally see this field is if the code calls ldap_perror(),
> and this function itself is deprecated. Shouldn't there at least be a flag
> to ldap_get/set_option() that manipulates this field?

See the latest C LDAP API spec. at
There is a function called ldap_parse_result() that will extract the
matchedDN field from a a result message.  I don't know if this is
implemented yet for OpenLDAP.

Mark Smith
Directory Architect / Netscape Communications Corp.
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