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RE: searching multiple backends

Rather than continue to argue about what we think should happen here, I'd
like to have a solution that does what I want. Restating the problem:

> This brings me to the more general problem: suppose I have
> a slapd configured with multiple backends at parallel points in the DIT:
> 	#1 ou=foo,o=bar
> 	#2 ou=baz,o=bar
> 	#3 ou=fiz,o=bar
> Again, if this slapd receives a SEARCH request based at o=bar,
> the request will fail, even though it could/should validly return
> information for ONELEVEL or SUBTREE searches from this base.

Currently each backend is treated as an independent naming context, and a
search can only be satisfied by a single context and backend. The first
thing I need to solve the above situation is a glue node at o=bar on this
server. In the case where this server is subordinate to some other server
that masters o=bar, I also want a way to specify a knowledge reference, such
that general requests for o=bar can be referred to the superior server. As
an added feature, the server should be smart enough to recognize that if a
request was received from the superior server, then the referral should not
be generated (simple loop avoidance). It occurs to me that I can add this
functionality by writing a new "glue" backend.
  -- Howard