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Re: changelog patch

I whink that would be very helpful.  It might also be good to have a
brief note on who is working on what and the current status (at least
internally) in case there are people looking to volunteer...

Stuart Lynne wrote:
> In article <3637E310.87E5477F@gems1.gov.bc.ca>,
> Will Ballantyne <Will.Ballantyne@gems1.gov.bc.ca> wrote:
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> >Attached is the first cut for the changelog implementation.  The patch
> >and additional file implement the methods required for
> >
> >http://search.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-good-ldap-changelog-00.txt
> I have tried to find all LDAP RFC's and add them to the doc/rfc directory.
> Would it be appropriate to have one or more sub-directories in doc to put
> copies of all draft rfc's that are supported or that have been suggested
> should be supported?
> E.g.:
>         doc/internet-drafts-supported
>         doc/internet-drafts-supported/draft-good-ldap-changelog-00.txt
>         doc/internet-drafts-inprogress
>         doc/internet-drafts-inprogress/draft-ietf-asid-ldap-c-api-00.txt
>         doc/internet-drafts-todo
>         doc/internet-drafts-todo/draft-ietf-asid-ldapv3-tls-02.txt
> This will give end users and other developers a place to find all relevant
> drafts without having to wade the the thousands (just over 2430 as of a
> few minutes ago!) available at the ietf web site.
> And give some indication as to whether they have been implemented, are being
> worked on or have not been started.
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