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Re: referrals

> While sorting out some other stuff, I noticed that back-ldbm/search.c
> returns referrals and a partial results code to the client during
> subtree-scope searches. In LDAP v3, this is incorrect.  It should return
> SearchResultReferences and a success code to the client for both
> one-level and subtree searches. Should this be modified to be
> v3-compliant only? Or should the old behavior be retained via a
> runtime or compile-time switch?

Send proper LDAPv3 referrals to v3 clients.

Retain the current behaviour when talking to v2 clients: Fake referrals
in the errorMessage field, and a return code which does not exist in

> Note that the current behavior is aberrant since v2 doesn't allow for
> referrals to be returned to the client at all.

True, but maybe not quite as bad as you think.  To return an error code
not in rcf1777 is aberrant, but the server is free to put whatever text
it wants in the errorMessage field.