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Basic NT4 Port

-devel now contains a basic NT4 (winsock2) port.
Libraries and tools only.

After grabbing -devel via AnonCVS
  cp portable.h.nt portable.h
  cp ldapconfig.h.nt ldapconfig.h

You will also need to install a POSIX regex library,
such as:

Then cd to clients/tools and use the .dsw files to
build each tool.

The port still needs a bit of work, including:
	dynamic DLL construction/use

Also, some enterprising NT programmer should port
SLAPD over to NT fairly easily.  Though you could
use Alex Cachia's port (available via LDAPworld)
as a guideline, I would recommend starting from
scratch.  First, I'd grab SleepyCat's DB2 for NT
for a LDBM and then try to build without threads.