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Re: transaction logging


I'm not clear of the benefit of putting this type of
information in a database.  Do you mean an LDAP directory?

Anyhow the notion of improved auditing has been bothering for 
a while but the approach I was thinking of was to modify the
replication mechanism so that the transactions it uses are not
always truncated away.  I've been looking at the replication
trim log functionality of slurpd but it may be more appropriate
to have slapd write a second replog file dedicated for archive/auditing.

Does this replog data suit your needs?


Will Ballantyne wrote:
> I would like to put in some code to have transactions automatically
> logged into a database rather than (or in addition to) a simple text
> file for the ldbm back-end.  I would like to store the date, id, a
> unique serial number for the transaction, and the transaction data.
> This approach will allow for better and more flexible replication later,
> as well as better auditing.
> Anyone have comments/objections to this approach?
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