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Re: aliased bases

Robert Streich wrote:

> I spent some time looking over the code this weekend and it looks like it'd
> be a fairly serious rewrite to put this above the back-end. The slapd code
> just hands all of the search parameters over to the back-end code. You'd
> have to rewrite the slapd search and all of the back-end searches. More
> than I feel like taking on at the moment.

Yes, you're right.  I've just looked over that part of the code and there seems to
be no way to issue an internal query.  That makes it pretty much impossible to
implement general aliasing without changing the back-ends.    I had hoped to use
the result layer to filter and translate aliases but cannot travel up the DIT
without an internal query method.

I took a look at the ldbm back-end and you would need to alter both the dn2entry
(for dereferencing the suffix) and search parts (for the target).

As an exercise I've implemented simple general aliasing for the ldbm back-end.
The aliasing will do substitution of target entries but does not currently check
the DN for any aliases within it.   I will put that in when I have some time (or
you could?).  Also, I did not flesh out the different deref options (only "always"
and "never") but will do so.

I will clean up the code and submit a diffs later.  Let me know if you would like
a copy of the code in progress.

Will Ballantyne             GEMS Technical Architect