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Re: aliased bases

The alias suffix is swapped out for the real thing for all operations.  As far as
the client is concerned the behaviour is exactly the same as if the tree had the
aliased suffix.

Robert Streich wrote:

> > Thanks, that was quite informative.  Having read through that I think there is
> one important
> > difference that suffix aliases are and should be capable of that would not be
> covered in the
> > specification of normal aliases.  Namely, the ability to pose as another name
> space for all
> > operations, not just searching.  Perhaps I should have called the feature
> suffix
> > masquerading....
> How do you ensure that the client understands that one name is "masquerading"
> for another? Don't you run the risk of having two or more trees--one for
> the "real" suffix and one for each "masquerading" suffix? Or do you swap
> out the "masquerading" suffixes? If so, "masquerading" is probably a better
> description.
> bob
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