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Re: hello

> I'm thinking about chipping in, and would like to coordinate efforts with
> people here.  I put DCE authentication (both via gssapi and plaintext) and
> SSL support (encryption only no auth) into the umich source, and would like
> to work on similar features for the openldap project.

I think this is a nice move, and I'm sure many will agree with me. It
shouldn't take you long to actually patch up the OpenLDAP development
sources with your code, so why not go ahead and checkout the development
branch of the sources

cvs -z3 checkout -r OPELDAP_DEVEL_AC ldap

This is the experimental autoconf branch, but I think it's ok and that
everyone should be using it by now. For sending patches, you'll have to
wait for Kurt to get back from Europe next week or so.