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(ITS#8314) ldap_back_is_proxy_authz returned 0 - misconfigured uri? - Maybe a Bug?


I know this topic is years old but I faced the same issue today, running
the current version of OpenLDAP.

The problem can also occur when using the translucent backend.

While troubleshooting the issue, I found two possible workarounds for
our setup.

1. acl-bind
Instead of using idassert-bind I used acl-bind. The connection problem
"Error: ldap_back_is_proxy_authz
returned 0, misconfigured URI?" didn't happen anymore, but since I got
different results with my search filters, it wasn't sufficient.

2. flags=3Doverride
After I added the flags=3Doverride setting in the idassert-bind section
the problem was gone and everything works for me. I don't know if it's a
good approach but at least it works for now with our openLDAP backend