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Re: (ITS#8822) Conan package

zamazan4ik@tut.by wrote:
> Full_Name: Alexander Zaitsev
> Version: None
> OS: Linux
> URL:
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> Hello,
> Do you know about Conan(https://github.com/conan-io/conan)?
> Conan is modern dependency manager for C++. And will be great if your library
> will be available via package manager for other developers.
> On https://github.com/bincrafters/conan-templates) you can find example, how you
> can create package for the library.
> If you have any questions, just ask :-)
The OpenLDAP Project provides source code, not packages. Feel free to create 
whatever packages you want. Closing this ITS.

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